Reliable nucleic acid extraction optimized for NGS

In genomics, nucleic acid purification is the starting point to unlock the intrinsic value in every sample. Sample preparation is a critical step for next-generation sequencing (NGS): Samples are precious, and preparing NGS-compatible genomic DNA or RNA with high yield and high quality is crucial for the success of many clinical research and diagnostic applications.

Coderegenesis Sequencing Solutions provides a range of RNA and DNA purification kits that yield high-quality DNA and RNA suitable for downstream applications such as but not limited to, sequencing, PCR, restriction digestion and molecular ligation. Based on the silica spin column purification method, crb’s kits offer an easy and quick alternative to traditional methods that are time-consuming (ethanol precipitation) and/or hazardous (phenol-chloroform extraction) in nature.

DNA and RNA Extraction & PurificationUnit QuantityCAT.NoAdd To Cart
Column-Pure Gel and PCR Clean-Up Kit100 preparationsD516

217$Add To Cart

DNA Purification SPRI Magnetic Beads25 mlG951

743$Add To Cart

DNA Purification SPRI Magnetic Beads 5 mlG950

150$Add To Cart

ultRNA Plus Column Purification Kit50 PreparationsG489

375$Add To Cart

ultRNA Column Purification Kit50 PreparationsG487

248$Add To Cart

Column-Pure Plasmid Mini-Prep Kit100 PreparationsD514

127$Add To Cart

Column-Pure Genomic DNA Isolation Kit
50 PreparationsD512

293$Add To Cart

Column-Pure Bacterial Genomic DNA Isolation Kit50 PreparationsD511

293$Add To Cart

column-Pure Fungi RNA Isolation Kit50 PreparationsD510

120$Add To Cart

Column-Pure Blood Genomic DNA Kit50 PreparationsD203-Mini-1

128$Add To Cart